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Not much here yet. A little bit of "raison d'etre" . Links and more Mac info to follow.

Why Macintosh?

More accurately the question is why not. I have used Macs for 10 years. In my present line of work I use UNIX OS on Sun and Hewlett-Packard. I also have used all the versions that PC clones have to offer using the most annoying DOS, Win3.1/95/98/2000 and NT. When my work day is through, I always prefer to use my Mac at home. Easier to understand the way the user interface works. Easier to install and remove software. Lots more reasons too that generally are already know and accepted by Mac users and shot apart by PC/Microsoft die-hards. So I won't turn this into a Mac love-in forum.

I have collected a mass of old Mac software that is generally considered beyond modern use since newer word processors and graphics applications have fancier interfaces ETC. However, it is surprising to find that many of these 10 year old + apps work perfectly well on the powermac and provide a useful service.

I now have several Macs... Plus, MacII , IIx, IIcx, IIci, IIfx, LCII, SE and PowerMac 6100 including many Mac peripheral devices, scanners, printers, external floppy , tape and CD drives. My favourite pass time (on par with restoring antique gasoline engines) is finding an older SCSI device then make it work on the Mac

The most unusual devices among these is the DAYNAFILE. It was an external SCSI device which was intended to read/write DOS floppy disks (3.5 and 5.25). Read much more on this subject on my DaynaFile page.

More to come...

Last updated July 2002