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June 2017
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My primary interest these days is extensive research into the Davison Lumber Company,
or more specifically, the legacy of the Davison name in lumbering in Nova Scotia.
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A page on Electrolysis, a process I have used extensively. I have posted my experiences and receive regular feedback and questions.
Recently called "the best electrolysis site on the web"

My own music video, a tribute to the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Hudson
View/download the video here

I've had the opportunity to sail on the Hudson several times while conducting oceanographic research. On one stormy trip in 2005,
some words and music came to me. In 2009, a celebration was held for the Hudson and crew (who were the first to circumnavigate
the Americas) in an event called Hudson 70 at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography (BIO). I felt compelled to refine my song for the
Hudson and combine it with my own video footage. Sung by a co-worker, it became a music video.


   Stories of Historic Interest

Electrolysis feature

A restored WWII (1945) South Bend Lathe

The Nova Scotia Antique Engine and Tractor Association
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A few links of interest:

Tractor Joe - An online store for tractor parts and accessories

Petite Riviere - A Facebook site with a extensive collection of Nova Scotia photos, news clips and memorabilia - A site to locate millions of mostly vintage books and magazines


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